Careers at Ingenium IDS - Chris Schatynski

Chris Schatynski

Senior Account Manager

Chris Schatynski

Question: How long have you worked for Media & Marketing Solutions?

“I’ve worked here for a little over 2 years. In that time I’ve been promoted from an Account Development Manager, to my current position of Senior Account Manager. That said, if I hit my quarter target (which looks likely), I will be promoted to Account Director”.

Question: What did you do before you joined Media & Marketing Solutions?

“I’ve got a broad experience of B2B sales, having worked in a variety of advertising / events / media roles for the last 10 years”.

Question: How is this role different?

“What we do genuinely works (I’ve been in jobs where it hasn’t), which makes a difference! I started at Media & Marketing Solutions, as all do, with a focus on new business. That said, over time, my focus has organically shifted toward account management. I still pull in new business each month however I don’t have to ‘find’ as many of these opportunities to hit target.”

Question: What are your monthly revenue targets?

“My revenue target is £22,000. This is easily achievable, based on the portfolio of clients that I service. Media & Marketing Solutions operate a banding structure, so once the role is defined, the target is set. A promotion means your pay increases, but so does your target. I started life at £14,000 pcm!”.

Question: How do you go about delivering success?

“Passion, enthusiasm and hard work, sounds like a cliché, but it’s the truth. The sales cycle here is about 3 weeks, but this can often be compressed. This means that I can go out and find business to sell in the month of target, meaning I’m always in control.”

Question: What do you enjoy most about the role?

“Trust, the company has seen what I have done over the past 2 years and employs me for my ability to hit the numbers that are required, they don’t micro manage me and the ability to just get on with your job is refreshing”.

Question: What is it like working for Media & Marketing Solutions?

“Enjoyable, we have a good team here. Positive relationships between sales people. Client Services are incredibly supportive and want the campaigns to work. It’s a good positive atmosphere in the office which helps mindset when focusing up achieving targets”.

Question: What do you expect you total earnings to be this financial year?

“I expect to earn £80,000 this year”.

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