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We're proud of our public sector database. And why not? We've worked hard to make it the largest and most accurate of its kind in the UK. All in all, we make over 100,000 changes to our database per year.

By breaking the public sector down into sub-sectors and by using over 120 unique job functions, it's easy for us to distinguish between organisation type and the roles and responsibilities of the people who work for them.

We undertake a series of checks before adding any new contact information to our database and have rigorous processes to ensure every individual's details are as up to date as possible.

You can access our data in a number of ways. We can supply you with a file to upload into your system or you can use the database capability offered by iServe to, securely and simply, interact with our data in real-time.

The public sector is constantly evolving so we make sure our data evolves too. All in all, we make over 100,000 changes to our database per year.

In addition to licensing, or leveraging our contact data to run managed campaigns, we are able to use our database to audit and cleanse clients' existing contact databases to ensure they are up to date, complete and correct.

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