Our approach:


iServe is unique. It is proven to be hugely effective in penetrating firewalls and other obstacles in order to reach the target recipient. The system is set-up with all of the public sector domain names and we constantly configure the rules-based engine to ensure that our client's campaigns get through.

iServe is our purpose-built e-communication delivery system. If that sounds rather technical, well, that's because it is.

iServe is unique. A 'trusted sender' within the sector. And it helps put your digital marketing campaigns into action.

Public sector emails addresses can be notoriously tetchy. With firewalls and other IT obstacles hell bent on stopping all comers. iServe skilfully navigates its way past these blockages to gain access to the people you need to speak to.

Working hand in hand with our database, iServe gives you up to the minute information about your campaign - logging email opens, clicks, forwards and replies.

iServe is also available as a standalone application - the more comfortable you feel using it, the more you can take a lead accessing data, managing contacts and even broadcasting campaigns yourself.

iServe makes your marketing go further.

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