Our Approach

Our process is very important to us as it's all about the intelligent and applied use of our data. We'll work in tandem with you each step of the way to make sure we get the most out of the data, and to create campaigns that make a real difference and bring a true return on your investment - that's what we're all about.

1. Identification

We help you identify the most likely and widest selection of people for you to target with your campaigns

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2. Communication

We know what to say, how to say it and how to personalise your communications to get the best results

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3. Qualification

Generating new leads for your business which includes highlighting leads with the highest potential value

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4. Reflection

Taking the time to review. So we can refine and tweak your next campaign to make it even more successful

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iServe - at the centre of everything we do

At the core of everything we do is iServe, our powerful system which puts your digital marketing campaigns into action.

Working hand in hand with our database, it gives up to the minute information about your campaign, and skilfully navigates its way past firewalls and other IT obstacles, that are notoriously difficult when marketing to the public sector, to reach the target recipient with a delivery in excess of 96% of all sent emails.

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