Applying an intelligent approach to audience generation exceeds all expectations

Our client uses search engine software to help enterprise businesses to extract value from the investments they make. Offering a broad range of solutions designed to unlock the potential in Big Data, our customer was recently acquired by a Fortune Global 500 consulting business based in Dublin.

Following a successful pilot campaign in which Media & Marketing Solutions were asked to drive inbound enquiries and consumption of content, we were approached to answer another common question – how do we maximise audience numbers at our events?

Working closely with the marketing team, Media & Marketing Solutions gained a thorough appreciation of the upcoming ‘Applied Intelligence’ webinar event – who was speaking, what it covered, who should attend and why. Inspection of our own in-house SQL database showed there to be a relevant cohort of senior leadership roles across IT, Marketing and Customer Experience that could be targeted.

Based on our experience of delivering push-based digital campaigns for the last thirteen years, the audience were engaged via a highly personalised, short text-based email using minimal HTML. Our tried and tested approach ensures a high level of email deliverability and focuses the reader on the single call to action, which in this case was the promotion of the event registration page.

The campaign was designed and created by Media & Marketing Solutions and evidenced a syndicated approach, using one of our trusted neutral brands. Inside:Technology was chosen based on its suitability for the audience and delivery was achieved via our purpose-built email broadcast tool, iServe. The email was broadcast on just two separate occasions with the second send only going to those who had not opened the first communication, to maximise the overall response.

A testament to the value of short but engaging content; the activity generated over 130 unique C-Level clicks on the webinar link. Due to the increased traffic at the point of registration, Ingenium delivered more than 50 registrations to the webinar. Our client was overwhelmed with the response and stated:

“It’s the best performing webinar project we’ve ever delivered in the UK.”

In addition to the volume of registrations, we soon discovered the presence of several key target accounts in the roster of registered organisations – businesses that until that point had eluded the sales and marketing efforts of our partner. Our relationship continues to grow stronger, as we look to extend the healthy opportunity pipeline that’s now been established.

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