Research Uncovers Sectors’ Health & Safety Concerns

The 2018 ‘Health & Safety in the Workplace’ survey generated 441 unique participants and a further 265 downloads of the resulting detailed report – making a total output to the client of 706 hyper-qualified individual leads.

This campaign generated 441 participants in the ‘Health & Safety in the Workplace 2018’ survey, carried out through iGov/Exec Survey - and a further 265 downloads of the resulting detailed report - making the total output of hyper-qualified leads to the client 706 individuals.

The Client

A leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, widely recognised as a global benchmark for quality and integrity, with over 95,000 employees, our client operates a network of 2,400-plus offices and laboratories around the world.

The Challenge

Ensuring that staff are able to work in a safe environment has to be ranked as one of the highest priorities for organisations, both public and private. On a cost basis alone UK industry is believed to have spent approximately £14bn in 2016, just covering work-related injuries and illness.

With the imminent advent of new European-wide workplace health and safety regulations (OHSAS 18001 and/or ISO 45001 certification), our client was looking to establish deep clarity on the present position across Public and Private Sectors. This required the need to collate solid evidence-based research across both sectors, with the dual aim of informing their own strategy and messaging going forward, as well as making it possible for them to position themselves as thought leaders to new prospects, and to further engage existing customers.

The Solution

The solution was a highly personalised, push-based marketing campaign. This comprised an invitation to participate in an e-survey – put together in concert with the client and led by their industry expertise, as well as by the experience of Ingenium’s survey team. This resulted in the creation of a tailored survey comprising appropriate questions and question styles, carefully gauged to gain the fullest response.

For this research project, it was decided to ‘go to market’ by mobilising the power of two of Media & Marketing Solutions' brands, iGov Survey and Exec Survey, to poll a bespoke audience in their respective areas, exploring their attitudes to, and concerns about, health and safety across the sectors.

Inspection of the Media & Marketing Solutions in-house database showed that across the public sector we could target people involved in: facilities & estates, policy, environment, planning, health & safety, sustainable communities, community health, sustainability, environmental health, infection control, occupational health, operations, organisational planning and public health.

Furthermore, we liaised with the client to identify specific sectors and verticals that would allow them to engage with organisations that fit closely with the profile of their customers.

Using our experience of over thirteen years’ delivering push-based digital marketing, we produced a highly personalised text-based email.  Each send was delivered by our in-house email broadcast tool (iServe), which is purpose-built to achieve a high level of email deliverability.

Specifically, the research focused on:

  •     Organisations' present attitudes towards health and safety
  •     Health and safety audits and the measurements put in place to monitor health risks
  •     The barriers, if any, to effective occupational health and safety management (and)
  •      Where overall responsibility lies and wider group staff engagement.

The results of the survey were then collated, analysed and put together - including key findings and conclusions drawn by the client – into a comprehensive report. The report was promoted using iServe back to those who had taken part and to a wider audience, as well as being further promoted via the iGov Survey website.

The Results

The survey resulted in 254 individual participants from the public sector (165 of which were fully completed, of which 88 requested further information) and 187 individual participants form the private sector (130 of which were fully completed, and of those 61 requested more information).

We produced an evidence-based survey report: Health & Safety in the Workplace 2018. This enabled the client to position themselves as a trusted partner in understanding the market view on the new regulation/certification. This insight has been used to help inform the client’s UK business development and marketing strategy. 

Another key benefit of the report - and the attendant insights - is that it has enabled our client to position themselves as thought leaders in the provision of health and safety risk management solutions.

The post-survey promotional email also performed fantastically well, with the headline statistics speaking for themselves: 265 downloads in total, split across public sector audience (196 individual downloads) and private sector (69 individual downloads). A proportion of these individual downloads came about as a result of forward activity, demonstrating the strength of interest in the material as repackaged for the client, as well as the extended ‘reach’ of these emails – beyond the individuals actually written to.

As a result of this combined activity, new opportunities are already opening up for our client with new prospects across both the UK public and private sector.


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