£1m closed orders within six weeks of campaign

Media & Marketing Solutions worked with the client to identify 8,000 decision makers across Healthcare, and through email campaign activity, received a number of inbound queries leading to meetings, which generated £1m in closed orders in the first six weeks.


Our client is an American global corporation that sells document solutions and services and document technology products in more than 160 countries worldwide. With revenues of almost $11 billion globally, they are consistently placed in the list of Fortune 500 companies.


A review of their approach to generating new business activities identified a need to have more conversations with senior executives who, whilst not involved in the physical tasks associated to the digitisation of documents, could instigate a review of their supplier arrangements based on meeting the current needs of the organisation. Previous vendor-branded marcomms activity had led with an overtly technical and feature-based message, which consequently had ‘turned off’ large portions of their prospective audience. This meant that the existing prospect database was too small to approach in a meaningful way. With a small new business team, our client needed a way of generating in-bound enquiries and focusing the time and resource of their ISR’s towards those organisations who were interested in reviewing their current arrangements.


Media & Marketing Solutions worked with the client’s marketing and new business development team to identify more than 8,000 IT, Facilities & Estates and Operations decision makers, across the Healthcare sector. Using our proprietary iServe email broadcast system, each contact was sent a highly-personalised message introducing the services offered by our client. A vendor-neutral brand was used to syndicate the content and the email majored on a single call to action, containing a relevant piece of collateral. Utilising an established vendor-neutral brand meant that our client could engage with contacts and organisations that had previously ‘unsubscribed’ from receiving communications directly from their domains. Prior to sending the email to the audience, a number of subject lines were trialled to see which produced the best results. The iServe system provided accurate reporting on opens, clicks and forwards. Using this information, our clients ISRs could better focus their calling, knowing that the contact had already shown some interest based on the email activity.


The email campaign attracted 1,500 views, many of which were as a direct consequence of the email being forwarded. Several inbound enquiries were received from people in the IT function who were attracted to the idea of looking at a one stop solution to their digitisation requirements. This resulted in new meetings being arranged with senior executives at a couple of large trusts. By focusing on those people who had either clicked extensively or forwarded the email, the telemarketing activity undertaken by the ISRs produced additional meetings that were sat by their field-based sales people. These meetings delivered four strong commercial opportunities, with a combined value of £4.7m - £1m of which closed within 6 weeks of the campaign launch.


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