A neutrally branded e-survey helped Capita to re-task sales resource and elevate conversations within the decision maker unit, across UK enterprise

The Client

Capita are a UK PLC, employing over 65,000 people across the country. Originally born out of a division of CIPFA in the '80s, the group now offer a broad range of outsourced solutions to cover all core business processes, and now boast a combined revenue north of £4bn.

The Problem

Capita predominantly works across eight key markets – local government, central government, education, transport, health, life and pensions and private sector - although their pedigree is within the public sector. Therein lies the crux of the problem. The organisation itself has grown rapidly through acquisition and has been one of the top six suppliers to the UK public sector for the last five years. As a consequence of their significant market share, the real growth opportunity lies within the private sector. Early in the diversification process, the Capita team recognised an immediate challenge that would severely impact their ability to identify and develop pipeline opportunities - sector specific insight. Perpetuated by a lack of internal knowledge, the marketing team at Capita approached Media & Marketing Solutions as a consequence of receiving a promotional email containing an example report. Following regular sequential conversations, it was clear that Capita were keen to gain an appreciation of the current ICT landscape within mid-market and enterprise organisations in the UK. Ancillary to this, the sales team were keen to realise the technology climate in each organisation and ultimately discern if the current strategy is fit-for-purpose. This requirement was predicated around the rational viewpoint that the scalability of an organisation's ICT is the most significant contributor toward stifled growth.

The Solution

Working closely with the Capita team, Media & Marketing Solutions created a bespoke prospect database of senior decision makers across the gamut of the commercial landscape and key not-for-profit organisations. Our survey team, in partnership with Capita, created a short e-survey questionnaire based around the following topics:

·         Organisational reliance on the use of spreadsheets and manual re-keying of data.

·         The particular challenges related to specific systems used by those working in Finance and HR.

·         The level of skills and experience available to implement new business processes successfully.

·         New technology initiatives that can improve the operational efficiency of an organisation in the medium to long term.

The survey was created and hosted within Media & Marketing Solution’s e-survey platform and promoted to the pre-defined audience as the single call to action within a short neutrally branded e-mail.

The Results

The survey generated 130 completed questionnaires, which is representative of the breadth of commercial enterprise in the UK. Capita were also supplied with the full contact details of all survey respondents, aligned to their respective answers. The aggregated results were used to create a top-line key findings report, which was then promoted back to the wider audience and generated an additional 57 downloads. These results were populated into a simple lead management sheet, which helped the Capita lead to prioritise follow-up and allocate resources accordingly. As a consequence, Capita developed a strategy that allowed them to use current market insights to identify the key challenges that organisations were facing. Thus, providing the sales team with a high number of 'sales ready' leads to follow up, including identifying organisations with an immediate requirement for Capita's solutions. This approach has already delivered a handful of tangible pipeline opportunities, which can be directly tracked to this activity. The project lead at Capita has put this down, in part, to the sales team being able to elevate the discussion to a strategic level and therefore prospect more efficiently with the decision-making unit. The success of this activity has been the catalyst to drive a wider business case, whereby we will use the insight to inform the agenda for a virtual roundtable event, which Media & Marketing Solutions will deliver as a managed service. In addition, the project lead has shared a personal recommendation with the other constituent parts of the Capita group and can be quoted as saying, “I’m really impressed with how many people have responded and the quality of the responses.”


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