Anglia Ruskin University

Media & Marketing Solutions promotes postgraduate courses and executive learning to senior managers across the public sector, generating in-bound enquiries and significant web traffic to raise the profile of their courses.

The Client

Anglia Ruskin University is one of the UK’s leading distance learning institutions. First established as a School of Art in 1858, the school became a University in 1992 and has recently been awarded 'UK Entrepreneurial University of the Year'. They currently measure a student population of 31,500 across three different campuses, and run a number of postgraduate courses, both locally and nationally via distance learning.

The Problem

A change in senior management combined with a school-wide review of total marketing spend created an increased focus on transparent, measurable outputs with a clear ROI. A fresh approach to increasing postgraduate enrolment was needed.

With a team of just three sales people, Anglia Ruskin needed to find a way of identifying the right person to speak with in an organisation, as well as generating in-bound enquiries and raising the overall profile of the University.

The Solution

Media & Marketing Solutions worked with the digital marketing lead to identify over 13,000 senior decision makers across the HR, Learning & Development, Performance and Training functions in the Local & Central Government and NHS sectors. Our in-house editorial team were able to take the internal course literature and create a compelling role-specific message.

Using the iServe email broadcast system, each contact was sent a personalised email introducing the courses offered by Anglia Ruskin, as well providing a direct registration pathway for their 'virtual open days'.

The iServe system provided accurate reporting on opens, clicks and forwards. Using this information, the internal business development team could better focus their calling, knowing that the contact had already shown some interest based on the email activity.

The Results

The email campaign attracted 2,000 views, many of which were tracked as a consequence of an internal forward. The business development team received several in-bound calls and many direct replies requesting more information on cost, timings and process, which were prioritised and followed up on a 1-2-1 basis.

By spending a couple of days calling out to the 242 organisations that either clicked or forwarded the communication as a secondary action, the team were able to generate a number of meetings in London, Essex and East Anglia.

In addition, and as a consequence of the significant spike in registrations, attendee numbers for the 'virtual open days' doubled. Following further investigation, it was clear that seniority had also increased, which enabled the business development team to have conversations at an organisational level as well as personal.

Since the initial campaign, we have worked with Anglia Ruskin an additional 10 times and have recently executed several research projects via our iGov Survey solution with continued success.


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